R.I.P Miiverse

Nov 6, 2017 / Back to homepage

Miiverse’s legacy shall live on in the form of the “Not-Miiverse” in Splatoon 2, and the new Twitter/Facebook posting feature on the Switch. But it’s still sad to see something just die like this.

Miiverse was a weird amalgamation of Internet culture that Nintendo haplessly tried to moderate and failed spectacularly at, leading to memes, confused little kids, and the stupid experiences I loved.

It was the weird centerpiece of the odd Wii U console, with its half-baked online features, obnoxiously large GamePad, and amazing games that got overlooked by most.

I’ll certainly miss Miiverse, but a part of me feels happy that the madness is over, and that the records of my cringey 2013 self will no longer be public on the Internet. But Miiverse had plenty of great art, it had cool collectable stamps, and it evoked a sense of being together in a game, thanks to its deep integration with Nintendo’s first-party games. It seems like, despite Miiverse not being the kid-friendly social network it tried to be, it was still a worthwhile addition to games, which is probably why Nintendo is still adding social features to stuff on the Switch; they’re just using other people’s social networks this time around.


And now, a gallery of some of the stupidest, weirdest, and coolest things I ever posted.

And, my very first post, from the day I got my Wii U.