I finally made my site look not terrible

Jan 31, 2018 / Back to homepage

I bought this domain name in 2014 and originally it didn’t have anything on it until I decided to point it to a GitHub Pages website. Originally I just made it by editing in an HTML editor and I decided to make everything be in a monospace font for some fccking reason (I think I wanted it to look like a terminal or something) but it mostly never had any content (unless you can call this and this content) until I came up with the brilliant idea to stick a Hugo blog here and make it be totally separated from the rest of the site by using a Hugo default theme and making only the blog be generated with Hugo. Eventually I realized that was a fccking stupid idea so I took my HTML from 2014, copy pasted Hugo magic words into it, and generated the whole site with it. But it still annoyed me because it didn’t look that good and because of this thing in Google search results:

But I never bothered to redesign it for a while because I never really write that much here anyway, but I wanna do it more and I feel like this place deserves better treatment than it gets. So here you go, now it actually looks readable and as a bonus I made it “responsive” by having everything be 600px max width on screens wider than 600px, and 100% width on screens smaller. Hopefully now it’s actually usable on mobile. I am aware that nobody else is ever going to care about this or read it but if you’re doing that right now then I guess you proved me wrong.