blu2trakt: Import your Blu library into Trakt

Apr 22, 2018 / Back to homepage

I use to keep track of my Blu-ray and DVD collection. It’s a nice website. I also use to automatically keep track of everything I’m watching, show my progress, and easily share it on social media. It also has a collection feature. I wanted to import my collection into Trakt, but the only export option gives you is a comma-separated list of UPC codes, and Trakt can’t use those because it doesn’t distinguish between different releases of the same movie or TV show. However, does give you a table that shows every movie you own, regardless of format; so I created a PHP script that parses the table using regex and then uses the Trakt API to import the parsed table into your Trakt collection. You can use it here. Let me know what you think (and submit pull requests, if you want) at GitHub.